Realtors, those unsung heroes of property deals, seriously make or break our home-buying adventures. No one fully understands all of the hard work that goes into buying or selling a house behind the scenes. 

But here’s the deal: Their hard work doesn’t get the shoutout it deserves unless we share our experiences.

In this article, we’re going to discuss why leaving reviews for your realtor is a game-changer. Plus, we’ll break down what makes a killer review.

Elements of a Great Real Estate Review

Crafting a stellar real estate review involves capturing the essence of your experience, highlighting your realtor’s expertise, and sharing specific details that future clients will find invaluable.

Reasons for Choosing the Realtor

Explain the factors that led you to choose the realtor. Whether it was their reputation, recommendations, or specific qualities, share why you felt confident in selecting them for your real estate needs.

Detailed Process Overview

Describe the entire journey of working with the realtor. From the initial stages to the closing, provide a step-by-step account of the process. This helps potential clients understand what to expect when working with the realtor.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Outline the realtor’s strengths and weaknesses. Highlight their areas of expertise and where they excelled, as well as areas where there might be room for improvement. This provides a balanced perspective for future clients.

Handling Difficult Situations

Discuss how the realtor navigated challenging situations or negotiations. Whether it was a tough negotiation or unexpected hurdles, share examples of their problem-solving skills and how they ensured a positive outcome.

Advice and Tips

Share any valuable advice or tips the realtor provided during the process. This could include market insights, property-specific information, or guidance on navigating the real estate landscape. Highlighting these aspects showcases the realtor’s commitment to client education.

Overall Rating

Offer an overall rating of your experience with the realtor. This succinctly communicates your level of satisfaction and provides a quick reference for potential clients considering their services.

Contact Information

Provide contact information for the realtor to make it easy for potential clients to reach out. This creates a direct line for those seeking more information or looking to engage the realtor’s services based on your positive experience.

Edge Of The Beach Review

If you’ve experienced the exceptional service of Edge OF The Beach Realty, we would sincerely appreciate your thoughtful review to help others discover the excellence we strive to provide.

How To Leave A Google Review 

We all know Google is king when it comes to search engines; unfortunately, they’re also one of the more difficult places to leave a review. 

Please follow these steps to leave a Google review.

1. Open your web browser and search for “Edge OF The Beach Realty” on Google.

2. Find the business listing in the search results and click on it to open the business profile.

3. Scroll down to the “Write a review” button on the left-hand side of the screen.

4. If prompted, sign in to your Google account or create one if you don’t have one already.

5. Click on the star rating you want to give Edge OF The Beach Realty, ranging from 1 to 5 stars.

6. In the text box that appears, share your detailed thoughts about your experience with Edge OF The Beach Realty.

7. If you have any photos related to your experience, you can upload them by clicking on the camera icon.

8. Once you’re satisfied with your review, click on the “Post” button to publish it. Your review will then be visible to others considering Edge OF The Beach Realty.

We Appreciate You! 

On behalf of all real estate agents and our team here at Edge Of The Beach Realty, we genuinely appreciate you taking the time to share your experience.

Your valuable feedback not only helps us grow but also assists future clients in making informed decisions.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for allowing us the privilege of serving you. Your words mean the world to us!

Make it a great day,


 Joanne Gillet Owner/Broker

SRES – Senior Real Estate Specialist 

Edge Of The Beach Realty

Pawleys Island, SC 29585

843 655 6343

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