Welcome to our latest update on the current real estate market trends and insights for the Hagley Estates neighborhood.

Do you like to follow the real estate market at Hagley Estates? 

If so, here is an update with a few insights that could help with your property decisions.

Current Market Update

  • Recent Sales: In the past three months, 9 properties have sold in Hagley Estates, with an
    average price of $588,767
  • Market Duration: These homes typically spent about 100 days on the market. 
  • Price Per Sq Ft: The average price per square foot was $258.71, which often reflects the home’s location, materials and upgrades. 
  • Home Size: The average size of the homes sold was around 2,106 heated square feet.
  • Seller’s Earnings: Sellers received about 93% of their asking price.

Active Listings and Market Trends

  • Current Listings: There are 20 active listings (10 under contract) in Hagley Estates, and 9 sold.
  • Market Insight: This indicates a buyer’s market, presenting great opportunities for purchasers.

Why Do We Consider This A Bit Of A Buyer’s Market Right Now? 

Most of us recognize that homes are no longer selling instantly with multiple offers and no inspections as soon as they hit the market.

Real Estate is a numbers game. Such as

  1. The number of days on the market.
  2. Number of sq ft in the home.
  3. The number of homes on the market.
  4. What number you price it at.

But How Can You Tell It’s A Buyer’s Market?

  • Homes are not receiving multiple offers or selling immediately upon listing.
  • Real estate is a numbers game. It would be a balanced market if we had 9 properties listed and 9 sold.
  • Last year, we experienced a seller’s market with more properties sold than listed, resulting in low inventory.
  • With more homes available than sold, buyers have the upper hand.

If trends continue and we sell another 9 properties in the next three months, questions arise: which
homes will sell, and what new listings will enter the market? 

Yes, real estate is a numbers game, but it’s also an emotional journey and one of the most significant decisions you can make in your lifetime.

As price points settle, sellers are adjusting their expectations to meet market demands.

Do You Know What Determines The Worth of Your Home? 

Have you ever considered the various factors that come together to determine the worth of your home? A trained, licensed real estate agent can help you uncover that answer. By leveraging their expertise and market knowledge, a professional agent can provide you with a comprehensive analysis and strategic guidance to accurately assess your home’s value.

If you would like to have an honest, upfront no-nonsense chat about your property, what can you do to
Make it more appealing, and let me know what the current estimated value is. Just give me a call. 

Experience is not expensive it is priceless!  Information is always helpful.  

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Make it a great day,
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